Redesign of an cloud-based iOS music player app to access private music collections on the go.

A ridesharing service for rural environments with focus on the transitional phase of autonomous driving.

Web Interface for creating production schedules to run production corresponding to current energy prices.

Redesign proposal for the website of british musician magazine sound on sound.

Comprehensive UI ecosystem for second-hand certification service Sealed.

Responsive Web Interface for analysing and installing energy meters in industrial plants.

Web Interface for Prosumers of renewable energy to sell their surplus to buyers in the neighbourhood.

A platform to connect and follow music enthusiasts with a similar taste in music.

A device corresponding to an app to control home appliances instead of a remote.


Interactive Data visualisation to explore the networks of people that are connected on Soundcloud to discover new artists.

Fictional concept for shifting industrial machinery into a interconnected mechanical organism.

Software to create artworks in 3d space based on algorithms used by spirograph drawing stencils.


Alternative Midi controller arranging notes in harmonic groups based on the circle of fifths.